“Grihalakshmi, the fortnightly magazine from the house of Mathrubhumi, has been living in the hearts of Kerala women for many decades now. To complement its unique homely profile, Grihalakshmi has also adopted a modern and bold outlook in sync with the evolving attitude of Malayali women.
With the aim of propagating the ideology of combining modern and tradition, Grihalakshmi has instituted the annual pageant “Grihalakshmi Mrs Kerala” to honour the true spirit of married Kerala women and to redefine the common yardsticks of beauty. Set in a classy ambience, the pageant will feature 26 married women competing in a healthy environment and judged on quotients of confidence, style, poise and intelligence by reputed names from different strata of the society. It will be an evening of entertainment and thought-provoking interactions along with abundant visual appeal, engaging both the contestants and audience alike.
The Grihalakshmi Mrs Kerala will be a Malayali married woman who transcends beauty by her intelligence, wit, wisdom and character. She will be the one who will redefine “beautiful” and inspire her contemporaries to unleash their hidden talents and move beyond the ordinary to live an empowered and fulfilling life”.